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Europe: IDWF support women workers in Ukraine

Europe: IDWF support women workers in Ukraine

by IDWFED published Jun 19, 2014 04:56 PM
The Executive Committee of the International Domestic Workers' Federation, IDWF, held its first meeting following their founding Congress on June 11 at the IUF secretariat in Geneva.
Jun 19, 2014 (Universal / UTC0)
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The meeting was preceded by a planning workshop with EC members and the regional coordinators. Some of the IDWF representatives participated in the ILO discussions on "Transitioning from the informal to the formal Economy" and "Strengthening action to end forced labour" respectively.

The IDWF EC expressed its solidarity with the Women's Committee of the Agro-industrial workers union in Ukraine in its continued struggle for women workers' rights and a democratic and peaceful development in the country.

Photo: Giuliana Mesina

Solidarity statement from the International Domestic Workers’ Federation (IDWF)
to the Women’s Committee of the Agro-Industrial Workers’ Union of Ukraine (AIWUU)

The IDWF Executive Committee meeting on June 11, 2014, at the IUF office in Geneva, join hands with the Women’s Committee of the AIWUU and

  • Warmly congratulates the AIWUU Women’s Committee for their continued efforts to improve and reinforce women workers’ rights and conditions through collective bargaining
  • Strongly supports the courageous fight of the AIWUU against discrimination, violence, exploitation and abuse against women workers, including forced labour, and its struggle for democracy and peace
  • Invites the AIWUU Women’s Committee to be part of the IDWF’s worldwide campaign for domestic workers’ rights as enshrined in ILO Convention 189;
  • Calls upon the government of Ukraine to take all appropriate measures to put an end to abuse and discriminatory treatment of workers and in particular of women workers and to bring peace and well-being into the country.
  • Encourage Ukraine women workers to strengthen their solidarity, unite and be strong.
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